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Every time I pack for a trip, I always forget to pack something but not the following 6 things as most of the items live in my carry-on and I never unpack them as they are my essentials.  

1. Universal Travel Adapter

This Swiss Gear worldwide adaptor plug adapter lives in my hand luggage and travels the world with me. Whether I’m in need of a 2-round or 2-flat pin convertor, this plug fits in everything. I purchased it for about £10 whilst I was on holiday in Toronto in 2015, and 4+ years later it’s still in good condition.

2. Cleansing Kit

My cleansing kit includes baby wipes, hand sanitiser, a pack of pocket tissues and hand cream. When travelling to certain places or areas, access to toilet facilities or a wash basin are unpredictable, in which my cleansing kit comes to very good use.  

3. Medical Kit

My medical kit typically includes allergy tablets, mosquito repellent, antihistamine cream and ibuprofen. Frequently travelling to tropical countries makes me more susceptible to insect bites, so it’s important I pack these items in order to repel as much insects as possible.  

4. Camera

Whether it’s my Canon G7 Mark II camera or my iPhone camera, I must have a device to capture the moments and memories.

5. Travel Pillow

I purchased my very first travel pillow from Sports Direct for less than £10 then lost it on the plane. Replaced it with a memory foam travel pillow from Primark which was about £5. I’d strongly recommend a travel pillow, especially for long haul flights as they help support the neck and shoulders.

6. Adidas Slides

My feet generally swell up when in the air and take a while to go back to its normal size once back on the ground. This then results to my trainers being tight. So, I just normally switch into my sliders which are so much more comfortable.