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Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city is one of the most vibrant, lively and fastest growing cities in Africa. Enriched with so much culture and flavours, Lagos plays out at all levels of life.

From the local cuisines to the high – end restaurants, your taste buds will definitely find its home. Known for its exploding arts and music scene, it’s exotic nightlife will keep you on your toes far past dawn.

Attend a beach party at Tarkwa Bay, then party the night away at club Quilox, 57 and SIP. End your night with a meal at a 24/7 hr restaurant such as Marrocaine or Prime Chinese. The Lekki Conservation centre and the Nike art gallery are also sites to visit for authentic cultural inspiration.


Lekki Conservation Centre

Travel tips in Lagos


British Airways (BA 75) London (LHR) to Lagos (LOS): 6hrs


Murtala Muhammed Airport (LOS)

Local currency

Nigerian Naira NGN(₦) = approx. £1 = ₦450


Local taxi, Uber, Motobike (okada), Tricycle (keke na pep), Yellow bus (mole)

Travel Adapter

3 rectangular pin


English, Pidgin & Yoruba

Best time to visit

December is filled with a range of festivities, from music concerts to cultural shows and family fun fairs.