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Leaning Tower of Pisa

What to expect in Italy

Italy is situated in Southern Europe and is often described as the country shaped like a boot. It is home to majority of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. Timeless exclusive pieces of art and monuments are dotted everywhere around the country.

Italian is the official language spoken by the majority of the population. The best time to visit is during Spring (April – June) or in Autumn (September – October) where temperatures are warm, and you avoid the unpleasant heat of the summer months.

Feast on the famous Naples pizza, pay a visit to the pope at the Vatican in Rome, take a boat ride in the canals of Venice, attend the renowned fashion week in Milan. Wander off into the rolling hills and endless vineyards in Tuscany and enjoy some revered red wine. Hike up to Mount Etna in Sicily and watch the volcano erupt.

Italy's must visit


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