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What to expect in Indonesia

Indonesia is in Southeast Asia and is the world’s largest island country with approximately 17,000 islands spread between the Asian mainland and Australia. Indonesia consists of active volcanoes, mountain ranges, pristine beaches, luxury beach resorts, emerald-green rice fields, a diverse wildlife and many varied cultures.

The best time to visit is between April to October where there is usually minimal rainfall.

Soak up some culture at the historic Fatahilah Museum in the country’s capital, Jakarta. Burn some calories by climbing the 3726m Rinjani mountain in Lombok and learning the Balinese dance in Bali’s cultural capital, Ubud. Hop on a boat from hectic Bali to the white sand beaches, azure waters and pristine coral reefs at Gili islands. Pay the famous Komodo dragon a visit at the Komodo National Park.

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