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Cape Coast Museum

What to expect in Ghana

Ghana, formerly referred to as the Gold Coast because of the abundance of gold found in the country, is situated in West Africa and is known for its cocoa, cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, old forts and coastal towns.

Ghana has a tropical climate with its rainy season occurring between April – November in the South and between March -November in the North. Therefore, the best time to visit is between November to March, when there is little to no rainfall.

Ghana is an ideal country to visit in West Africa for first time travellers to Africa. Climb the 40m high tree-top canopy over the rainforest at the Kakum National Park, tour the Cape Coast castle and gain an insight into the history of the slave trade. Unwind at the Labadi beach and enjoy some cocktails while the sun sets. Pay a visit to the Ashanti kingdom in Kumasi and experience the many traditional festivals.

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