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Niagara Falls

What to expect in Canada

Famously known for its maple syrup, Canada is the world’s second largest country in terms of total area. Its landscape is exceptionally diverse, from its well-preserved wilderness of its forests, lakes and mountains to its urbane cultural scene in its cities.

Major cities to visit include Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Ottawa and Québec City.

Canada is bilingual in English and French. French is the prevalent language spoken in Quebec.

Take a boat ride through the mists of Niagara Falls, attend one of Toronto’s music festivals and dine at the 360 restaurant at the sky-high CN Tower. For a world -class wildlife experience, tour the British Colombia for its distinctive landscapes and discover over 1000 animal species such as the bighorn sheep’s, an array of bears, mule deer’s, killer whales and many more.

Canada's must visit


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