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British by birth, Nigerian by upbringing and a nomad at heart. I love travelling in style and I am a strong believer in working hard and treating yourself to lavish living. Asides from travelling, I also enjoy swimming, shopping, eating and lately I’ve found an interest in boxing.

I have a BEng degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Subsea Engineering. I currently work as a civil engineer from 7am - 5pm, 5 days a week!!! Yes, and I still manage to travel with my 26 days of annual leave. So if I’m not on a construction site building something, then I'm exploring somewhere in the world.

Zanzibar xx

Since embarking on my first unaccompanied trip 8 years ago, which was my first girls’ trip to Turkey, I have continuously made an effort to fuel my passion in travelling and experience different cultural backgrounds.

I have travelled to over 20 countries across 4 continents and I aim to travel to a lot more countries in the next few years.

I’m here to share my experiences through content and I hope to inspire you to take that step and book that flight, bus, train, whatever mode of transport and explore deeper into all that exists outside your world.




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If you would like to connect, work with me or just say hi, you can contact me on info@tripswithdebs.com. Also follow me on Instagram, twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel for my upcoming travel vlogs!

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